Jeanie Lieber

Jeanie is a graduate of NYU with a degree in studio art. After years of living between Los Angeles and New York, Jeanie and her family have settled back on the east coast. Her work experience in Los Angeles included styling in the high-end vintage furniture design business and installation photography for Inner Gardens of Beverly Hills. In addition to sourcing furniture and accessories, Jeanie has extensive experience with both older home renovations and sourcing materials for new builds as well. Helping clients make the choices that will bring their dream spaces to life makes each new project rewarding.



I love that designing a room is like creating a piece of artwork that someone lives in. Part of my process is that I create a mood board as I source each piece. So when I drop in an image of a rug or a coffee table, I can immediately see how the composition feels with everything else.

Putting myself in the mindframe of the client’s ideal style and sourcing with the goals of their unique space in mind. Once I lock in, it’s like looking through binoculars that come into focus.

Natural elements. Plants are a must for me in almost every room. I also love taking into consideration the season and applying it to the colors and textures for accessories in the room.

In addition to being with my husband and kids, I spend a lot of my free time gardening, landscaping, taking care of my chickens and my dog – all things that get me outside and appreciating nature. I love walking in the woods or on the beach, paddle boarding and playing tennis with friends.