Shannon Major

Shannon is a graduate of the Uploft Interior Design Academy with a passion for personalized interior design and organization. As a former elementary educator of 7 years, she holds a unique skill set that allows her to create functional and welcoming spaces for people of all ages. Inspired by bold artists like Yayoi Kusama, Shannon loves playing with color and introducing unexpected accents into her designs. She believes there is no detail too small when making a space feel uniquely yours.

Shannon - Modern Site 7 MBShannon - Modern Site 7 MB
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I’m great at finding unique pieces of art that go well together. Creating a gallery wall is my favorite challenge!

I constantly refer back to the inspiration images they’ve given me and ask myself, “Does this piece help achieve the look they are going for?” That helps to take my personal style preferences out of the equation.

Corey Damen Jenkins is the person who inspires me most as a designer. He is fearless with his use of colors, patterns, and mixes of traditional style with bold contemporary elements.