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Hot Mod: 5 Tips For Warm Modern Design

Let’s face it, modern design can lack a certain appeal. Some may even say it’s cold and sterile. Those aren’t exactly words most of us want associated with our interior design.

That said, if you love a more contemporary look but also crave everything cozy, there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too.

Here are 5 tips for warm modern design:

Tip #1: Give it Some Soul

Interior designer Caitlin Murray says she achieved this soulful modern aesthetic by, “”layering textures, introducing organic shapes and colors, and incorporating soulful accessories and artwork.” She added medium-gray paint colors, grasscloth wallpaper, jute and wool rugs, velvets and linens to bring a dynamic warmth to a space.


Tip #2: Texturize

A stark base design is warmed up immediately by texture. Marie Flanigan recommends, “committing to the warmth of rich textures over tones, opting to bring in items with aged, lived-in finishes and luxe materials like plush velvets, soft wools and tumbled leathers.”


Tip #3: Get Personal

One of the easiest ways to warm up modern? Add your personal touches. Anything from family photos, travel mementos, to fave textiles will work. Adding a warm wood light fixture doesn’t hurt, either.

The result? A gorgeous, space that’s equally comfortable and modern.

Mansion Global

Tip #4: Faux Furrier

What says cozy more than a faux fur throw? Um, nothing. Add instant softness with plush throws. Easy yet so effective.


Tip #5: Go to the (Monochromatic) Dark Side

Think dark not light. According to Jenn Feldman, “a monochromatic black room can look so clean and modern AND warm and cozy at the same time! Accent lighting with gorgeous lamps and soft white bulbs can take any space from good to great.”


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