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Move Over Mad Men: Here’s How To Make The Mid-century Modern Living Room Of Your Dreams

Inspired by Scandinavian designers and organic shapes, this style originated around the 1950s. Ornamentation is minimal, simple lines are embraced, and jewel-tones like ochre, emerald, and pumpkin are trademarks.

But, this style can be tricky to pull off. While we love the Brady Bunch as much as the next gal, we don’t want our living room looking like Alice was our designer.

Are you dreaming of Mid-Century Modern but don’t know how to get the look? Check out the ideas below for a Mid-Century Modern living room that’ll knock your socks off.

White and Bright

Replace browns and beiges with bright white, then add pops of jewel-toned emerald. Spectacular. A couple of leaf-patterned pillows and metallic end tables round out the look.

Mix It Up

A little surprise amongst the brown is a good thing. Consider mixing it up a bit by adding something decidedly not Mid-Century like a glam acrylic coffee table.

Fun Focal Point

Make the focal point of the room a fabulous Mid-Century Modern credenza that’s topped with a piece of jaw-dropping art and accessorized like it came out of the latest design magazine. Let the other furniture in the room whisper instead of shout.

Press Mute suggests using muted, “teal and taupe, bordered by white walls and patterned floors. Matching wooden legs and a stone bookcase provide a good background for an Orient pendant looping over your wall.”

Go Faux

Authentic Mid-Century furniture can be pricey. Consider going faux. Stores like West Elm carry an array of Mid-Century pieces, like the Reeve Rectangular Coffee Table seen below, for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Use the tips above to create a Mid-Century Modern living room Don Draper could only dream of. Need more help? Work with one of our designers and she’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. Book a free consultation below.

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