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Scandinavian Design 101: A Look At Minimalist Beauty

If you gravitate toward uncluttered, functional spaces that incorporate greenery and pops of color, you’re probably a fan of Scandinavian design.

According to Invaluable, “The signature elements that came to define the Nordic style—minimalist white walls, wood floors, and modern furniture—began to take shape in the 1950s with the establishment of The Lunning Prize. Instituted by New York-based importer of Danish designs Frederik Lunning, the annual prize was awarded to eminent Scandinavian designers from 1951 to 1970.”

And while IKEA didn’t originate Scandinavian design, its furniture is the essence of what Nordic style is all about.

Here, we take a look at the key elements of this design style using IKEA items that show you how you can translate them into your space:

Mini not Maxi

Read any article (and we mean any!) about Scandinavian design style and the word minimalist will come up at least once. It may be the one element that’s most vital. If you’re a tchotchke person, forgetaboutit. Clean, uncluttered spaces are the hallmark of Nordic style.

Go Natural

Another sure sign of Scandinavian design style is natural textiles and finishes. As seen here, the wood-topped desk, wood wall, and rattan chair are perfect examples of how to add nature-inspired Nordic flair to your space.

Muted Color

You probably think of lighter colors as being more suited for Scandinavian style. But darker, muted colors reminiscent of Nordic landscapes can fit well with this design style, too. Case in point, the clay walls and orange leather sofa seen here.

Make a Statement

You have to have a statement pendant light fixture if you’re going Nordic. It’s pretty much a must. From white, to neutral, to deep black, there’s a variety of gorgeous illumination out there. We love the shape-changing, whimsical RAMSELE from IKEA

Focal Art

Making artwork the focal point in a minimalist space is an affordable way to go Scandinavian. This trend is so popular it can hardly be called a trend at all anymore. It’s classic Nordic.

Other elements of this style include hanging plants and lush greenery, plush fabrics, multi-functional pieces, and wood furniture and accents.

What are your favorite Scandinavian design elements? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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Scandinavian Design 101: A Look At Minimalist Beauty

Scandinavian Design 101: A Look At Minimalist Beauty If you gravitate toward uncluttered, functional spaces ...
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